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It was in 2009 that Lise Jewellery was born.
It was a day no different than any other day I was looking on line for a special gift in the jewellery line for a friends daughter.
 Throughout the time I was searching, I could only find sites that had costume jewellery or Expensive jewellery.
So I decided to use a few beads I had in my office and make some earrings.
In the 1st few days after I had made the earrings, 3 pairs to be exact, I had 4 friends saying they would like to buy some.
So that's where it started.
 A few months after I started making earrings, I then decided to start buying semi precious gemstone beads instead of glass beads.
I did a Cert IV business course and that's where Lise Jewellery was born.


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